The Beautiful World of Parenting

The Elf

One day there was an elf walking on a forest path. As he was walking, he came upon a
person named Mat. Mat asked the elf, ” Where are you going?”
The elf said, “I’m going down the path.”
” Can I come along?”
“Sure,” said the elf, ” but beware, the bush is really wild, the grass is pretty high and the
water is very deep! Do you still want to go?”

Mat said, “Well, if you put that way, I guess I’ll change my mind. So the elf left. Mat really
didn’t trust the elf so he decided to follow him. In a very short time Mat saw that the elf had
tried to trick him. The grass was not high and there weren’t any wild bushes and the water
was not deep at all. The elf just didn’t wanted Mat around at all.
Mat jumped out from behind the bushes and said to the elf, “You tried to trick me. Why
didn’t you let me come with you?”
The elf felt badly and he told Mat that he was sorry. He asked Mat to come with him and the
two kept on walking. They walked until they came to another guy named Brian. Brian asked
them where they were going.
The elf said, “We are going for a walk in the forest. Would you like to come?”
Brian said, ” No thank you. I hear from Mat’s friends that the bushes were wild and the
grass is pretty high and the water is pretty deep.”
The elf replied, “I just told him those things. But really they are not as bad as I said they
are. You can ask Mat yourself. This is Mat.”
But Brian said, ” I will pass on that.”
The elf said, “OK with me. We’ll go ourselves. Don’t say we didn’t ask you come along for
the walk.”
Mat and the elf went off into the forest. They were hungry so the began to search for some
food to eat. As they were looking, they ran into Larry. He asked them, “Where are you
going?” “We’re going to the forest for a walk. Would you like to come with us?” asked the
Larry said, “Yes, I would like to come with you. How far are you going?”
“Oh we are going as far as we can go.”
“I would like to come with you. I’m going by myself and there is not going be anyone
around to talk to.”
The elf said, ” Together we can explore many wonderful things. We three can enjoy our
walk together. It’s much better to do things with friends than it is to do things alone.”
To this they all agreed and so off they went together.

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