Is your Child Bored at home? Why don’t you try out with your kiddo this simple Water Melon Craft…

Requirements- felt paper,a gum, a pair of scissors and a black, green and red marker or paint.

How to-

  1. Cut out a cone shape from your felt paper
  2. Then Cut out a two crescent Shape from your felt measuring it with the arc side of your cone.
  3. Paint your cone with your red marker or paint
  4. Put black dots on the red side to show the seeds
  5. Paint your crescent with your green marker
  6. Finally gum the crescent to the front side of the cone and the other crescent on the back side making sure you don;t show your red part on the outside.
  7. Finally Your Watermelon

Note- It appeared like this because I created it in power point.