ImageGame: Drinking Races
Requirements: Bottles filled with a drink {soft drinks}
How to play: Each participant drinks as fast as possible. first to finish her drinks takes the prize.

Game: Baby name game
Requirements: Paper and pen for each guest
How to play: set a time limit for the game, share the pen and paper, ask participants to write down as much baby names as they could within the set time. one with the most names takes the prize.

Game: Bingo games for baby items
Requirements: A list of baby items around the event area
How to play: Have your guest list all the baby items around them, then start mentioning the items you have on your lists. Whoever has the most items listed and shouts bingo at the end wins

Game: The Baby Name Letter Game
Requirements: Paper and pen
How to play: Given a set time, Have your guest write baby names giving them a specific letter the name would begin with. One with the most names wins.

Game: Baby Song game
Requirements: Paper and pen
How to play: As with the Baby names

Game: Guess whats inside
Requirements: some bags, baby items, paper and pen
How to play:fill the bags with baby items. Randomly pass them on to the guests.they must try to guess whats in each bag without opening them. Once done, the mom-to-be will open each bag and reveal what is inside. Whoever guessed it right wins.

Game: Baby Tune game
Requirements: Baby song tunes
How to play: Play the songs tunes, and the guests must guess the song as quickly as possible. Whoever guesses correctly and the fastest, wins.
Game: The Pacifier Pass
What you need: Straws, pacifiers with handles you can hold
How to play: Have the guests seperate into teams of 4 or 5 and stand in a line, facing the person in front of them. Each guest must put a straw in their mouth. The first person in line puts the pacifier on their straw. When the host says go everyone on the team passes the pacifier from straw to straw, no hands, no contact. Whichever team is the fastest wins.

Game: Baby Sock Game
Requirements: 22 pairs of baby socks, timer
How to play: Put all the socks, unpaired, in a pile on a table. Each guest must match as many socks as they can in a set time. whoever matches the most socks is the winner.

Game: Name Tag Donation
Requirements: Name tags for guests
How to play: Before the event fill out the name tags with baby-related words. Have each guest put on a name tag when they arrive. During the event people would only be called by their name tag name. If a guest calls someone by their first name, they must put money into a piggy bank for the baby.

Knowing The Mom-To-Be better
Requirements: Paper and pens
How to play: Have the host find out as much about the mother-to-be as a child and write the questions and answers down. Ask the questions to all guests and have them write their answers down on paper. Whoever has the most answers right wins.

Game: The Great Crave Game
Requirements: Paper and pen
How to play: Have the mother-to-be describe what she has been craving without actually saying the food. The guests must write down what they think it is. Whoever has the most right answers wins.

Game: Baby Shower Grab
Requirements: Baby clothes, hanger, baby clothes pin
How to play: Hang multiple baby clothes from one hanger using the clothes pins. Have the guest place one hand behind their back and try to remove as many pieces of clothing as possible without dropping the clothes, or the clothes pins. Whoever can get the most off wins.

Game: Baby Shower Memory Game
Requirements: Paper and pen
How to play: Have the mom-to-be walk around and say hi to all the guests, then go into another room. Once there, all the guests must write down what she was wearing. Whoever remembers the most wins.

Game: Guess Her Age
Requirements: Some pictures of the mom-to-be, all at different ages, pens, paper
How to play: Have the guests look at the pictures and guess how old she was in each picture. Whoever gets the most right wins.